4mm Round Boot Laces for Hiking or work Boots

Strong round 4 mm boot laces with a thick polyester outer braided covering and a multi stand cotton core to prevent the laces from stretching.

Tried and tested these boot laces are an established top quality hard-wearing product. In the 2000's supplied by Fabmania in large quantities to R Griggs & Co for fitting on their Dr Martens range of boots. The laces are equally well suited to boots by Caterpillar, Dewalt Timberland Scruffs etc

Technical information

 These boot laces are made by Fabmania in our Leicestershire factory on 16 spindle braiding machines using 10 ends of 167 textured polyester yarn braided onto a core of 5 ends of 6/4's cotton. On hand stretch test the laces stretch 10%. This slight stretch assists in the laces being good at making reliable knots.  

What length of lace to buy? 

It's always most accurate to measure the laces already in your boot. As a guide measure the average distance between the left and right hand eyelets to the nearest cm. Count total number of eyelets. Multiply distance x count and add 40 cm to find suggested length. 

Choose a colour to suit your boots.

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