Strong, Fray Resistant Boot Laces

Altberg Field and Fell bootRecently designed after a customer request:for help  "I have a pair of Altberg Field and Fell boots that I'm constantly going through due to the metal eyelets"

Fabmania  dispatched a sample pair of laces to the customer 7 Nov 2018. 

4 April 2019. Customer replies; I've been wearing them 22 days a month for 8 and 10 hour shifts since you sent them,and they're holding up well with no sign of fraying"

These boot laces are made with high tenacity Nylon 6 yarn. Prior to making the cord, the filaments are twisted together at 130 turns per meter to further enhance performance. 

Currently only available in black, we offer a range of lace lengths to suit all work boot styles from 110 to 350 cm..

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