8mm Converse All Star Style Trainer Shoelaces

Converse replacement laces. These shoelaces are the same construction as seen on classic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor shoes. Since Nike took over Converse, this style is seen more widely on many trainers including Nike Air Max. Other well known brands including Fila, Vans, D&G, New Balance, Reebok and Puma also incorporate this type of shoelace. The laces have a nice substantial feel of quality.

Technical Information.

Our laces are made on a weaving loom using high quality Nylon 6.6 yarn. 92 strands of yarn are woven together to create a lace that is soft, strong and flexible. The laces stretch when pulled tight by about 15%, mainly due to the inherent stretch in this type of yarn. The laces hold the width when pulled tight.

What length of lace to buy? 

It's always most accurate to measure the laces in your shoe. Otherwise, most casual shoes by Converse, Nike, Vans and D&G will need shoe lace lengths depending on how many pairs of eyelets;7 pairs 140 cm, 6 pairs 125 cm, 5 pairs 110 cm, 4 pairs 90 cm, 3 pairs 75 cm

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