About Us

First of all, let's point out that Fabmania Ltd is a real business, with a real factory. We start with yarn and through the various stage of production make shoelaces.

Our history: In 1963 a business was started to supply shoelaces to the many boot and shoe manufacturers in Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. The company was originally named Hancock and Roberts, after the two founding partners. In 2008 the business was taken over by two long serving employees and re-named Fabmania.

In total the company employs 10 people of which 2 are exclusively involved with looking after and developing the retail side of the business.

Our philosophy is simple; use the manufacturing expertise within Fabmania to offer well designed laces, offer prompt and accurate order processing. Our pricing is competitive we also sell these laces on Amazon and eBay you will find the prices here are always the same or lower.

We will always work with you in a friendly manner to resolve any problems, so that you get laces that are right for you.