Flat Cotton Trainer Laces – Ideal for Adidas, Converse and Nike.

Adidas Stan Smith tennis shoe with Fabmania Cotton lacesStrong, soft cotton shoelaces for tennis shoes and trainers. These laces are made using 120 strands of fine cotton yarn. The result is a strong but soft lace that is easy to tie into a reliable knot. These cotton shoelaces are seen on many well known brands including tennis shoes such as Adidas Stan Smith and Adidas Supersport. Nike Air Force mostly are this style.The Converse range of shoes either have this style or the classic woven lace M1553.

We have a full range of lace lengths so you can select the length that is right for your shoes. From 60 cm for 2 / 3 eyelet casual shoes through to 140 and 160 cm for styles like Converse Hi Top Baseball shoes.

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