Flat Waxed Cotton Shoelaces - 6 mm - Coloured Laces

Fabmania waxed cotton laces in bootStrong flat waxed cotton laces, polished to a sheen with natural beeswax.

Flat waxed laces always look best on leather footwear. Ideally with eyelets of a size so that the laces do not get too crimped at the eyelets. 

What length of lace to buy? 

These flat waxed laces can be used in deck shoes with 4 eyelets to knee high boots with 20 eyelets. If you can,measure the laces already in your shoe.to decide the ideal length to buy.  

If cannot measure, As a guide while wearing the shoe measure the average distance between the left and right hand eyelets to the nearest cm, count the total number of eyelets. To estimate of lace length multiply distance x number and add 30 cm (for shoes)or 40 cm (for boots) for the ends to tie the knot.

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